Whether it's 6 foot and off shore or 3 foot and off shore

welcome to surf breaks portugal

Surfing in Portugal is an experience not to be missed

Known throughout the world to have consistent swell and classic breaks, combined with great weather, good food and a vibrant culture.

We have over 20 beaches in a 15-mile radius of our location and you are certain to catch great waves almost every day.

Summer surf is mainly on the West Coast but waves can be found most days although it can be very crowded.

Early morning sessions are always the best if you know where to go.

The Algarve, the most southern part of Portugal has constant swell on the West Coast

The Atlantic is well known for its powerful seas and there are always great places to surf. Surf is more consistent from September to May and found to be less crowded.

The water temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius during winter and rises to 20 degrees in the summer.

I recommend a 3 x 2 wetsuit for most of the year although on winter days a 4 x 3 or good winter suit is sometimes needed. In winter I use boots, which are also good for the rocky walks down to some of the beaches and breaks and on a windy cold morning a 5/3 wetsuit. (Winter is winter, wherever you live!)

With over 20 years experience in surfing

You can trust you are in reliable hands to get some of the best waves the Atlantic has to offer.

Experienced Surfers with limited holiday time........

It always takes a while to learn how local breaks in new places work best with the tides, swells, wind directions and swell sizes. Save yourself from driving around in a rental car burning petrol or damaging the car on the off road tracks while finding a good breaking beach or point.

Most of the best waves are at the end of an off road track.

Use our local knowledge and make the most of your precious vacation time... in the water!